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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Protect Your Business From Loss of Data, and Server Applications

Database Backup and Disaster Recovery

Global Network Solutions Calgary provides Databack and Disaster Recovery service in Calgary and surrounding cities. Global Network Solution advice our clients not to spend time and be worry free to backup your data. We confirm that our system has automated backup system and happens overnight so you should not worry about the database disaster. Our team checks every morning whether the data is backup. If team finds any issues, we sort them out and solve the problem. We provide local and remote cloud backup.We can recover data from anywhere and any time. Some of the features of our database backup system as:

  • Automatic and Secure– The backup is fully automated. It happens in mid night everyday. Our backup data are encrypted.
  • Global access – Our backup data and in global access. We can restore from any Internet-connected computer
  • Easy to use – It is very easy system, which is self restore system and lost and deleted data are also stored in the system.
  • Our Features Solutions for Backup and Disaster Recovery

    We backup data to prevent our data from permanent data loss. Without a data backup and disaster recovery plan, we may be unable to retrieve the data whenever we need. Data protection is the Businesses protection and there is a millions and billions dollors of loss incase data is stolen or lost. So, it is important.

    • Fully Managed Database backup System
    • Cost Effective
    • Highly Secured
    • Supports any application
    • 24x7 Support Systems Available

    Unlimited Scalability, Monitoring and Control Systems

    Access from any where

    Scalable disaster protection

    High availability assurance

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