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Cybersecurity in Calgary

Network Server Security, Data Loss Prevention, Cloud Security, Intrusion Detection Systems

Antivirus/Anti-malware Solutions

Network Server Security, Data Loss Prevention, Cloud Security, Intrusion Detection Systems

Network Security protects network traffic by controlling incoming and outgoing connections to prevent threats from entering or spreading on the network. Global iTech always work for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) program, that protects data by focusing on the location, classification and monitoring of information at rest, in use and in motion. We focused on Cloud Security that provides protection for data used in cloud-based services and applications. We monitor network activities and use Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) or Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) which work to identify potentially hostile cyber activity. Our another focused is Identity and Access Management (IAM) that use authentication services to limit and track employee access to protect internal systems from malicious entities. We believe Encryption is the most important for cybersecurity because it encods data to render it unintelligible, and is often used during data transfer to prevent theft in transit. We use various Antivirus/anti-malware programs to scan your computer systems to known threats and unusal accesses. We are the best cybersecurity provider in the town.

Our IT Support Services

Server Updates & Support

Need a server update, software update or replace, call us.

Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting

We focused on Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting in Calgary and surrounding cities.

Workstation Setup, Repair and Upgrades

We build new systems like Workstation Setup, Repair and Upgrades. We also provide Hardware Warranty and Support.

Software Installation & Configuration, Upgrades& Patches

We work for old and new both server for Software Installation and Configuration, Upgrades and Patches, Data Transfer and Conversion.

Internet Connection Issues

We help customer to fix Internet Connectivity Issues, Remote Network issues. We provide business emails as well.

Malware Prevention, Antivirus & Spyware Removal, Security Patches

We install malware protection software, antivirus software. We remove virus and update security patches.

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